Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lifestyle Choices - No Regrets

Today, I am the poster child (woman?) for the Crazy Cat Lady stereotype.  I came home from the gym this evening, and proceeded to sit in front of the TV watching a Law and Order: SVU marathon while consuming a dinner consisting entirely of snack food, rather than a meal (God bless you, Trader Joe’s).  That was shortly followed by almost two hours spent watching 30 Rock and working on crossword puzzles, which was immediately followed by some minutes in which I entertained myself greatly by shining a red light around the floor (and walls, and door) of my apartment and watching my cats try to catch it.  And this was all done while wearing unbelievably comfortable yoga pants and a tank top with a hole in it.  So yeah, this whole evening was a Crazy Cat Lady evening.

And I have no regrets about it.  This is the life I love with every little bit of my soul.  Do I dislike going out?  Not at all: last weekend I spent two nights on the town with friends, and loved it.  Do I take no pride in my appearance?  Hell no: did I not mention this all started after coming home from the gym?  Am I accepting a lazy life of singleness?  Not in the slightest: do you have any idea how much more fun playing with the laser cat toy would be if I had a boyfriend or girlfriend here with me?  (I’m only slightly kidding.)  My point, though, is not that I’m settling for some inferior lifestyle; it’s that this lifestyle is in no way inferior, and I have every right in the world to enjoy it.

I have the right to enjoy it because it’s my summer vacation.  I have the right to enjoy it because I have a Master’s degree.  (Yes, I did spend those six months I’ve been absent from the blog doing something productive.)  I have the right to enjoy it because why have cats if you’re not going to savor at least some moments of Crazy Cat Lady-dom?  But mostly, I have the right to enjoy it because this lifestyle – this Crazy Cat Lady who also happens to look pretty good (and almost entirely cat-hair free!) when she hits the town lifestyle – is what I want.  No regrets.