Saturday, December 25, 2010

So this is Christmas, and what have you done?

I am well aware that I am grossly overdue for a blog update.  I have quite seriously been meaning to post since I finished my quarter, but that was just over two weeks ago, so vacation has clearly drained me of motivation.  But here I am, to offer my readers a happy/merry/enjoyable/tolerable Hanukkah/Christmas/Solstice/Festivus/Kwanzaa/Holiday/whatever it is you celebrate this time of year.

As far as accomplishments go (to answer John and Yoko's question), this whole being done with my first quarter of grad school is rather astounding.  I'll admit, for these past few months, I've definitely felt as if, in some way, I wasn't quite a "real" grad student yet: I felt as though I were a probationary grad student, or testing the waters to see if grad school and I were compatible with each other.  Now that I've successfully completed an entire quarter, though, I definitely feel like a real grad student - I clearly passed whatever test I was giving myself September through December.  As far as my compatibility with my new long-term partner, grad school, I'm fully committed.  I may be heading into a dreadfully co-dependent relationship, but oh boy will it be fun and exciting.  I have just over a week left of vacation, and although I am enjoying the relaxation and the family and friends, I'm just as excited to be heading back down to Santa Barbara next week to start my second quarter.

I used to do this long, very thoughtful, probing, and sometimes cattiness-inducing end of the year survey on my LiveJournal every year at this time.  Looking back over the questions, though, I think I can more effectively summarize 2010 like this: This year, for me and many of my near and dear ones, was a year of upheaval.  I was lucky enough that all of my upheaval was for the best: my move to Santa Barbara, my beginning of graduate school (and, consequently, my future career) turned out so very very well.  Next year, I hope, will be a bit more stable - I'm aiming for 2011 to be the first year since 2005 without my moving in and/or out of a dorm room or apartment - and (this I know) full of new experiences, new friends, long-time friends and loved ones, and joy.  And lots and lots of reading.

Merry, merry, merry, everyone!

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